Selecting A Funeral Director


Faith Binds Us All

We Service All Faiths

Whether you need a Minister, Pundit, Priest, Imam, Spiritual Mother, Rabbi, Buddhist Monk or a Lay Reader, we have your religious needs covered. We will provide you with a funeral director, set an appropriate time, and provide the necessary information for the service according to your faith. Our staff is aware of various ceremonies and rituals in the world. We can supply appropriate ceremonial amenities including crucifixes, headstones, prayer rails and altar settings for all religious denominations. We also provide services to families who wish to honour their loved ones through non-religious forms of memorialization.

Meet Our Experienced & Competent Staff-P.O.S

Mr. Shaun Jodhan

Managing Director
Tel: 620-4665

Mrs. Enid Imamshah

Tel: 625-1170

Kimchoy Aching

Tel: 625-1170

Ann Marie Samaroo

Company’s Secretary / Sales Rep.
Tel: 356-7925

Rakesh Balkissoon

Sen. Driver / Hindu Funeral Cons.
Tel: 733-5312

Elliott Davidson

Sen. Driver / Operations Sup.
Tel: 384-0330

Sookdeo Algoo

Cemetery Works Supervisor / Construction Expert

Nesha Mohammed-Jamunar

Sales. Rep.
Tel: 732-1397

Yvonne Boochoon

Sen. Sales Rep.
Tel: 303-5734

Andrew Hospedales

Sen. Sales Rep. / Cemetery Works & Marble Plaque Cons.
Tel: 467-6388

Molita Dipchan

Accounts Clerk / Sales Rep. / F.I.P Consultant / Cemetery Works & Marble Plaque Cons.
Tel: 701-1275

Mona Palmer

Sen. Sales Rep.

Rosalee (Rose) Alexis-Monsegue

Receptionist / Accounts Clerk / Sales Rep.
Tel: 761-3767

Simon Clarke

Certified Embalmer
Tel: 768-6904

Bro. Gregor Florence

Legal Advisor / Chaplain
Tel: 715-6840

Ingrid Charles

Sen. Embalmer

Jamie Johnson

Certified Embalmer

Ian “Charla” Dore

Tel: 684-5363

Meet our experience & competent staff – Chaguanas.

Mr. Luigi Jodhan

Manager Chaguanas / San Fernando
Tel: 740-1965

Jeanie Singh

Sen. Sales Rep./ Supervisor
Tel: 795-2893

Terrance Thomas

Sen. Driver / Embalmer
Tel: 6869599

Meet our experienced & competent staff – San Fernando.

Michelle Champion

Embalmer Sales Rep. / Supervisor
Tel: 293-4405

Reshmi Jaikaran

Receptionist / Sales Rep
Tel: 764-4376