Angela Day-Inniss-Pidduck

Deepest sympathy on the passing of Lorna Pierre. I have known the Pierre family all my life in various spheres of life. Lorna Pierre had a most beautiful voice…I remember her as a teacher when my younger siblings were students at Miss Moore’s Private School in Woodford Street. Alma was my schoolmate, Althea was a prefect during my time in BAHS, Norman was a colleague in the Customs & Excise Division. The family’s home stood imposingly by itself on the corner lot at Kavanagh Street and Tragarete Road – opposite Roxy Cinema. Here again I lived around the corner at No 5 Broome Street for many years. With the passing of Lorna, an era has ended. It is now left to the next generation to carry on the legacy of the Kavanagh Street Pierres.