A Story That Started 138 Years Ago

Humble Beginnings

This photo shows the livery stables, taxi Services and funeral home of J. Haynes Clark on #11 Tragarete Rd. P.O.S. – 1902

John Haynes Clark, a coloured businessman, diversified his business into a funeral business, in 1880. The firm became known for its discretion, tact and general classiness. He also rented horse drawn hearses, which were a fixture of funerals taking place in Lapeyrouse Cemetery. These hearses had the coffin exposed to view in a glass case, which in turn was draped with black crepe. Clark was also the first to take note of the changing times and imported a motorized Hearse in 1915.



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Changing Times, Changing Names

In the 1940’s, Battoo’s funeral home was established by Ethelbert ‘Meg’ Battoo and Edward ‘Del’ Battoo at the northeastern corner of Edward Street and Tragarete Road, Port-of-Spain. This street also housed the venerable J.Haynes Clark Funeral Home.

Port-of-Spain Office

Chaguanas Office

The Battoo Brothers also provided transport haulage, as well as taxi and limousine services with luxurious Mercedes Benz vehicles. In the 1950’s, the two rival firms merged to form Clark & Battoo Limited, and the rest is history.

The People Behind The Scenes

Ethelbert ‘Meg’ Battoo

Founder of Clark & Battoo Ltd

‘Meg’ Battoo sent his nephews and great-nephews abroad to train as funeral directors and embalmers. Harry Jodhan and Albert ‘Kenneth’ Jodhan graduated from Eccles School of Mortuary Science in Philadelphia. Edward P Battoo attended the Cincinnati School of Mortuary Science obtaining his diploma in 1975. At present, fifth-generation family members are employed in the family business.


Shaun Jodhan

Past Managing Director

Our Past Managing Director Shaun Jodhan graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from Mercy College, New York in 1980. After working for about a year in the company, he obtained an associate degree in Mortuary Science and Funeral Home Management from the Cincinnati School of Mortuary Science.


Luigi Jodhan

MANaging Director

Luigi Jodhan, our Director, graduated from the Gupton-Jones School of Mortuary Science, Atlanta in 1996 with his diploma in Mortuary Science and Funeral Home Management. He also achieved his Bachelor of Arts in Business Management (Honours Programme) from the University of Sunderland in 2007.